Meet the yoga-loving, acupuncture-healing, fertility-specializing, period-taming, injury-busting powerhouse who's been shaking up the world of holistic healing since day one. 

With a boss attitude and a heart of gold, Beth is the ultimate guide on your journey to wellness.

From a young age, she was surrounded by acupuncture, and she knew without a doubt that it was the real deal. But it wasn't until she faced her own health challenges that she truly realized the power of this ancient practice.
As a teenager, Beth suffered from painful periods that left her bedridden and unable to carry out her daily tasks. But instead of giving up, she turned to her mother for help, and together they used acupuncture to manage her symptoms and get her back on her feet. And from that moment on, she was hooked.

She became an acupuncturist herself, and her passion for helping others soon led her to specialize in fertility and endometriosis. Through her work, she has given hope to countless women who may have felt lost or alone in their struggles.

But Beth's talents don't stop there. She's also a certified yoga teacher, with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and how movement can help us heal. And her background in dance and performance has given her a unique perspective on injury recovery, allowing her to help athletes and performers get back to doing what they love.

And when it comes to TMJ disorder, Beth is a true expert. She knows firsthand how debilitating this condition can be, and she has devoted herself to finding ways to help others find relief. 

Through her innovative combination of massage and acupuncture, she has created a treatment that has changed the lives of many.

Throughout her journey, Beth has faced numerous obstacles, but she has never let them hold her back. Instead, she has used her experiences to become stronger and more resilient and to help others do the same. Her whole life has been leading up to this moment, and there's no doubt that she has the skills, knowledge, and passion to help you overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.
So if you're ready to take charge of your health and unlock your full potential, then Beth is the one you want on your team. With her sassy attitude, boundless energy, and unwavering dedication, she'll help you navigate the ups and downs of life with grace, strength, style and maybe a downward dog once in a while. 

Work With Bethany

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